Welcome Valued Clients and Adorable Patients

This page is for clients of Peninsula Pet Hospital.

Here you can access information that we relay to you in the clinic. These pages have everything from anesthetic risks to nail trimming. If you have any questions not answered here please give us a call at (650) 325-4300.

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Teeth Brushing / Dental Info

Information on how to brush teeth, what treats to give, and more!

Ear Cleaning/Medication Information

How to flush your pet's ears, hearing loss, and medication application

Emergency Centers

Links to local emergency centers

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work

Information on what pre-anesthetic blood work tests for and why it is important.


What food we recommend and how to tell if your pet is overweight

After Anesthesia

How to care for you pet after a surgery or procedure with anesthesia

Microchip Information

What is a microchip and how do you register one?

Nail Trimming

Coming soon!

Online Store

Order from our online store to have medication shipped to your house


The American Veterinary Medical Association's information for pet owners


Frequently asked questions

Why are we so busy?

Information on the national veterinary shortage


Information on external and internal parasites


What are core vaccines for dogs and cats? Risks of vaccination?

Feces Facts

What should stool look like?

First Aide

First aide for at home

Euthanasia Services

At home and mobile euthanasia services

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