Computed Tomography Scans

We are thrilled to announce the addition of cutting-edge computed tomography (CT or CAT) services to our range of diagnostic offerings. Our state-of-the-art CT scanner allows us to delve deeper into the health of your furry companions, enabling our experienced veterinary team to obtain detailed cross-sectional images of their internal structures.

This non-invasive and painless procedure is invaluable in diagnosing a variety of conditions, from orthopedic issues to neurological disorders. With our commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine, we strive to offer you and your pets the most advanced and comprehensive healthcare available.

The CereTom® Elite is an internally shielded 8-slice small-bore mobile CT scanner that delivers high-quality non-contrast, contrast, CT angiography, and CT perfusion scans in any patient care locations. It has rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate viewing for real-time, high-quality images.

Safe for patients

The CereTom® Elite meets the American College of
Radiology’s recommended guidelines for Computed
Tomography Dose Index (CTDI). In addition, the dose
can be adjusted As Low As Reasonably Achievable

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